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18:34 pm you just arrived from school.

You’ve been craving for cupcakes since an hour now because of Sarah’s last photo on Instagram so first thing you know when you get home you run trough the hallway like you never ran before hoping that your sister has not seen this photo before you and boom! She had.

Screw it. Nutella is your best friend now. Or let’s say your body’s worst enemy. When I first got into fitness sugar craving was one of the big challenges I had to overcome so I’ve decided to share with you 6 tips that really help me fight the demon!

#1 Don’t forget to eat

If ever you have a busy day, sometimes, the idea of eating your meal can just fly away (I’m a victim of this too). Since you are doing things that are holding your mind over, eating is now secondary and you don’t feel the “urge for food”.

The problem with “forgetting to eat” is that once it comes back to haunt you an hour or 2 later the chance of making emotional food choices skyrock because you’re craving big time.

Emotional food choices is the enemy guys so please keep yourself in a position where you’re in control of your appetite or you will end up eating chocolate bars and chips…

Set timer if you need too but DON’T FORGET TO EAT.

#2 Please drink water

If there would be one thing that could actually be your best friend… It would be water! Water keeps your stomach full and your body hydrated along other amazing benefits.

You think you are hungry?

Okay, drink a glass of water and ask yourself the question again.

The thing is, a lot of people think they are hungry, when their stomachs are actually only “bored”.

We often want something tasty to chew or drink to satisfy our taste buds. Let me give you a quick trick of mine! For tasty and vitamin rich water, freeze your desired fruits in a plastic bag and use them as ice cubes!

Here’s some tricks on water intake by the way!

#3 Adopt a fibber-rich diet

Another thing that keeps your stomach fuller, longer is: fibber! Fibbers sit in your belly longer due to a longer process. You can think of bananas, broccoli, beans, seeds, artichokes, and lentils… I could go on but you get the idea!

Eat them up in order to full that stomach!

#4 Carry food… everywhere you go!

Whenever I leave my house… I always make sure to have AT LEAST a snack or even a meal in my bag! You never know where life can take you and once you’re hungry the chance of making emotional food choices and ruin your progress rise pretty quickly…

Here’s a list of my lifesavers:

  • Protein bars
  • Homemade protein salads
  • Veggies and fruits in plastic bags
  • Tuna cans
  • Natural almonds or walnuts
  • Meals in tupperware

It all add up in the end,