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Everybody knows that roughly 70% of our body is composed of water but not everybody seems to understand that you actually need to drink some if you want to have this A+ metabolism! Studies have shown that athletes who lose only a little 2% of their body weight through sweating immediately starts having impaired performance and that 5% dehydration can decrease the capacity of work by 30%. If that’s not enough, you can stop reading right now I guess… Let me enumerate some benefits of water to get in the mood right before we start.


• Eliminate toxins and salt
• Suppresses the appetite
• Cleans your body
• Provides energy
• Keep your skin and kidney healthy

First thing first, human body can’t store the water we drink so it’s important to drink throughout the day to replace what we eliminated and that’s why everybody fails actually. Just like dieting, it’s hard to keep the pace over and over again on a daily basis and you won’t be carrying a water bottle around unconsciously tomorrow morning. It takes a certain chunk of time before it becomes a habit but it has to become one. Here’s are simple tips I personally do that might help you get there faster:

#1. Pay attention

– to the amount and color of your urine is the first thing you should take in consideration. The shorter/darker the more you’re dehydrated and vice versa.

#2. Tag and prepare

– just like food, upon waking up prepare your water bottles or your big freaking one for the day and make sure you tag it so you don’t lose it because of let’s say, bottle confusion. Use a pen or a sticker or whatever. That bottle is yours.

#3. Use citrus fruits

– if you’re the type of person that really cares about taste. It might help you get out of the “water is boring” excuse. Make sure you stay away from the artificial sweetener though.

#4. Drink small amounts frequently

– rather than large ones less often. The best times you should drink water is upon waking up when you first put your feet on the floor, an hour or so before/after meal, before taking a bath/shower and right before bed. It’s ok to drink 4-5 oz. of water with meals but more than that could end up ruining your digesting process (you can imagine your food floating around in your stomach if you want to picture it).

#5. Use a water intake calculator

– like MyFitnessPal so you’ll know how much you need and you’ll be able to plan your water consumption more easily.

#6. Consume it cool

– Because your body will have to use more energy to warm it up in your body. Fitness is all about the small details remember!

Those being said grab a water bottle around during the day and make sure you don’t miss another once of water. Especially around your workout hour! Drink a lot before, during and after in order to stay in the game and break your plateaus!

Fitness is all about taking care of the small details.