Micronized Glutamine

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Why should I use Glutamine?

  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Strengthen immune functions
  • Improve intestinal health

Glutamine is a critical amino acid and the most abundant in the body. It helps prevent leaky gut, boosts immune function, and promotes muscle growth. Micronized L-Glutamine provides an easier form of glutamine for the body to absorb. It has no taste and mixes easily into water.

Is this product for me?

Yes if 

  • I want to gain muscle mass
  • I want to increase my strength
  • I want to increase my anaerobic capacities

No if 

  • I don’t want my weight to increase
  • I don’t want to gain muscle mass


  • Servings per tub: 100x
  • Non-Medicinals ingredients: none (product is unflavored)
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Gluten-Free: Yes
  • Peanut-Free: Yes
  • Lactose-Free: Yes
  • Soy-Free: Yes
  • Dye-Free: Yes

How to best use it?

On a daily basis

  • Use 1 servings daily, taken at the same time every day. Do not combine with any acidic beverage
  • Can be mixed with pre workout, intra workout or post workout shake

Best combined with what products?

Supplementation with greens supplements can benefit energy, recovery, antioxidant status, and bone health. Our product is loaded with Enzymes, Antioxidants, Prebiotics & Fibers to help you improve your overall health and increase your natural energy!

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  • Improvement of gut flora
  • Strengthening of immune functions/span>
  • Reducing gastrointestinal troubles
  • 60 capsules  

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