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Whether you’re from Canada or the US, no association protects you from what’s going on in the industry for one simple reason : They don’t have enough ressource to keep an eye on the supplements industry.

And as manufacturers, we all know that.

We could put 7 grams of sugar instead of 7 grams of BCAAs, sell it in your favourite supplements store forever and Health Canada or the FDA would have absolutely no idea of what’s going on.


Because they can’t fix the problem that they created themselves years ago – letting the entry to the market for supplements company being easier than going to a 10 years old & + movie when you’re only 8!

What’s TrueCheck?

TrueCheck is the absolute quality assurance. Every product is tested by a third party to ensure purity and excellence. With tests results posted online to offer total transparency, you are finally in control of what you consume.

This is the absolute quality assurance. All products with TrueCheck meet its label’s claim — what you see is exactly what you get.

This truly is the new standard.


How it protects your health?

Except for the NPN (read “Why NPN are useless to you” here), these associations have no control over the difference between what’s in your product and what’s on the label.

There’s no special tests to make sure the content matches the label.

There’s no product analyze from Health Canada or the FDA to make sure everything is fine for your health.

There’s only tests if people starts to be sick and lawsuits are intended.

That being said, company could buy a giant bucket of chocolate powder at Costco, put that in a protein tub, add a very nice label with some of the most popular claims like “Sugar-free protein”, “10g of glutamine per scoop”, “New-Zealand Whey” & Sell you this 5lbs of sugar for 79.99!

How it protects your hard earned money?

Let’s use the “giant bucket of chocolate powder” we have above to illustrate it:

Did this fake protein tub helped you build muscle?


It just made it worst actually.

You just increased you insulin resistance. YAY!

So the next month you go back to the supplements store and buy more products because as you can tell, 5lbs or “Sugar-free protein” is not enough to build muscle…

You buy your “giant bucket of chocolate powder” again since it tastes delicious plus you add some more products to your list because you want abs for summer:

  • BCAAs
  • 500g tub of creatine monohydrate
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish oils

For a total of 229.99$

Now here’s the big deal.

If most protein supplements are filled with sugar and cheap aminos (read more here on the protein scams, forbes wrote a great article on it), is it the same with all other supplements?


Remember what I said earlier, there’s only tests if people starts to be sick and lawsuits are intended.

Now I ask you to do this:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of a supplements company owner
  2. Ask yourself the following question knowing that the end consumers won’t ever tell the difference (expect for the taste that is going to be better because of the fillers) & that you won’t ever get caught by the any federal associations
  3. If you know that your competition cheat their products and undercut your prices by 10$ on every products to penetrate the market… Would you cheat too?

For most of the company you love and spend money on every month, the answer is YES.

Think about it….

Hit me up on Snapchat if you have any question about this, my username is @jharounfitness.